Credentials in the field of Chemical industry

Our years of experience are reflected in the large number of successfully completed customer projects. In the sidebar on the right you’ll find further references. Just click on the corresponding project to obtain more detailed information.

Siemens AG

  • Phosphorus trichloride plant
  • Zacapau line III
  • Water-based paint factory – Herberts
  • Hydrogenator Bld. 743
  • Copo reactor, Lillebonne
  • IC-Mat, Korea
  • NH3, nitrite and niter stock
  • DMT recovery plant
  • Pyrazolone Str. 2
  • PO CL 3 distillation
  • Isochromanone plant
  • AGFA – V 9, Wiesbaden
  • Discont. chlorination, modification
  • Spent acid filtration
  • Vacuum distillation