Permanent Quality is a Duty

Quality control

We set the highest standards of our services we offer to you. Therefore we established a modern quality management system in IKN according to DIN EN ISO 9001, which is certified by TÜV CERT.

  • According to DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management
  • QM-Manual DIN EN ISO 9001 quality plan
  • Quality assurance through possible continuous work with CAQ system

Quality control with the planning systems PDS and PDMS

  • Interference check
  • (The elements of the individual subsections (steel construction, equipment, pipeline, E/I&C and ventilation technology) are subject to an interference check against each other as well as internally. Insulation, mounting and maintenance space etc. are included.)
  • Design check of the pipes
  • (Verification of admissibility of the connections, logical check of parts and line data)
  • Reference data conflict report
  • (checks validity of the installed elements with respect to the actual pipe classes
  • Design review
  • (Procedure test, review on 3D model, optical assessment of progress)
  • Reports and comparisons of processing status and database