Credentials in the field of Pharmaceutical industry

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Sanofi-Aventis Deutschland GmbH

  • Gammar P.I.V.
  • Modification pilot plant station Bld. M230
  • CIP plant
  • Insultec human insulin
  • Central galenics
  • TAM plant, modification
  • Insultec HOE 901
  • Upgrading launch equipment 5 F 16, Dolantin
  • Modification H 780 biologicals south
  • Porcine insulin
  • Debolan hormones / Chemtec
  • Technical documentation H 12 Streptase
  • Immunoglobulins
  • Support qualification Comos PT
  • Dolantin plant D743 – modification



  • Relocation of procedural plants from G837 to D743 (transfer pilot plant TPP)
  • River water filtration G839
  • Planning and building of two Büchi glass plants incl. Huber heating/cooling system G839
  • Planning of central heating/cooling systems (monofluid system) G839
  • Plant qualification D743, G837 and G839
  • Product filtration D743
  • Condensate lifting system G839
  • Wastewater lifting system G839
  • Steam heating autoclave boxes G839
  • Flow chart processing with Comos PT
  • Ordering with SAP
  • Cost and feasability studies
  • Equipment procurement