Laser scanning for planning support and documentation.

IKN has its own scanner and processing software.

For the following applications (examples):

  • Capture and documentation of existing plants, buildings, terrain structures, etc
  • 3D plant modification / expansion planning using the point clouds.
  • Derivation of 3D models in different levels of detail. .
  • Creating equipment arrangement drawings based on the point cloud.
  • "As built" comparison of the planning versus construction / assembly.
  • Documentation of your technical building services.
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Benefits of using point clouds:

  • All surfaces in the exposure area are captured.
  • It is no longer necessary to do a single point measurement or measurement.of forgotten points.
  • A higher accuracy compared to previous measurement methods is achieved.
  • The scan data can be used immediately, even without special software.
  • Photo-realistic views, also colored on request, make working easier.
  • Because of the short stay, disruptions in operation are minimized.
  • Transfer or use of the scan data by common software applications (ACAD, Mstation, S3D, E3D etc.) is ensured.

Laser scanning: That's how to plan today!